2) Electrical Pipes

Apart from manufacturing UPVC pipes ITL, is specialized in the manufacture of entire gamut of other standard products including Electrical conduits, plumbing and SWR pipes covering all applications in which PVC pipes can be used meeting the ISI requirements, using cutting-edge technologies to keep pace with the modern technology and the choice of the customers. The company believes in total Quality Control measures and as a part of it each pipe is thoroughly checked at the manufacturing stage, so as to ensure that customer is supplied with good quality product. The company's Electrical Conduits are of ISI Standards and are used for domestic & industrial purposes, the pipe sizes ranging from 16 mm to 63 mm to outer diameter.




Features and Advantages
1) Fire Resistance: Due to self extinguishing in nature, these Electrical Conduits do not support combustion and remove the source of ignition.
2) Non-Condutivity: NANDI Electrical Conduits prevent electrical shocks and short circuits due to its non-conductivity of electricity.
3) Easy Instalation: The Conduits are light in weight and are simple & easy to install.
4) Easy Wiring: these Conduits have high mechanical strength in that it is assisted by smooth interior wall that reduces friction thus helping in easy wiring. These pipes can be used for installation both in open and concealed way.
5) Non-Conductivity and good visual appearance.
6) These Conduits have built in strength ensuring long life.