3)SWR Pipes

ITL.,Hyderabad, has been manufacturing 'ITL' brand Un plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride(UPVC) Plain and Socket end SWR pipes with nominal outside diameter from 75.90 ,110 & 160mm. These pipes are used in soil and waste discharge system inside the building including ventilating and rain water applications. The pipe's surface colour is dark shade of gray. Pipe’s are made and supplied in nominal lengths of 4,6,8 and 10 feet either plain or with solvent typed socket/'O' ring typed grooved socket



 Special Gravity                                : 1.41 – 1.46 g/cm3
Coefficient of liner Expansion        : 5 – 6 x 10-5 mm / moC
Compressive Strength                    : 600 – 650 kg / cm2
Impact strength: Complies with IS : 13592 / 1992
Modulus of Elasticity                       : 3 – 3.8 x 104 kg / cm2
Vic at softening point                      : 80oC
Electrical Resistance                      : 1014 Ohm. Cm
Tensile Strength                              : 500 – 550 kg/ cm2



Slient Features
1) High Flow rate & Non – Conductive: ITL uPVC pipes have smooth inner surface. uPVC SWR pipes and Fitting are non-conductive and galvanic or electrolytic action does not affect its working. Thus flow rate will be more.
2) Low Priced: Due to light weight and simple jointing techniques, saving can be effected in the cost of material, transportation and installation. Cost effective than conventional drainage pipes.
3) Resilient and resistance to most of the chemicals: ITL uPVC SWR pipes & fittings are resistance to alcohol, fats, oil, aromatic & chlorinated hydrocarbons. Also they are more reliable and do not support any fungal growth.
4) UV Stabilized: ITL SWR & Fittings usable for drainage system is UV stabilized which eliminates the adverse effect of sunlight and weather. Therefore the the system can be used for outdoor applications.
5) Non-Corrosive: Pipes do not support any formation of rust on pipes. 6) Durable and long lasting: It has very good tensile and impact strength, hence, site breaking is totally eliminated.
7) Fast and Convenient Installation: As the ITL uPVC SWR pipes & Fittings are extremely light in weight and provided with special rubber jointing technique, installation will be easier. Jointing can be done within seconds with special rubber ring which eliminate leakage. Cleaning is also very easy.